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Can You Hear????

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A list of pro-life electees is presented here for your information, so you can participate and exercise your civil duties and responsibilities, as an informed citizen.

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Pray for an end to abortion!

All pro-life candidates, irrespective of party, are listed if the information is available.

Your vote counts!

Everyone, each of us - individually, is encouraged to make his/her own voice heard by their representatives and legislative entities.  Voice for the candidate for life!



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Photo on CD Cover-Copyright 2002- All Rights Reserved-Mary Reynolds & William E. Lamb. Used with permission.

"CAN YOU HEAR???" - Copyright 2002-All Rights Reserved- Mary Reynolds & William E. Lamb.

1. The land of the free
Home of the brave
Men fought and gave their lives
A great price they did pay
They fought for our freedom
So that we could have our rights
What about the unborn children
They should have the Right To Life


Can you hear their voice from all around
The blood of aborted babies crying from
the Ground
But the world, They cannot hear
They have deafened their ears
Like the blood of righteous Abel
They are crying from the ground

Laura's Little People "Lo"
Copyright 2002 -2008 - All Rights Reserved - L. Roman.- used with permission.

2. The abortion mills are busy
Every day and night
Fourty-million babies slaughtered
Killed by the doctor's knife
A product of conception
Or a fetus they will say
If we don't stop this madness
Then soon to GOD we will pay

Repeat Chorus

We have school and drive-by shootings
Doctors assist in suicide
Today it has no meaning
The sanctity of life 
It's time we cast our vote
And let their voices be heard
The blood of all those children
Who are crying from the earth

Repeat Chorus

Jesus, I trust in You! - The Divine Mercy
Photo of another Picture of The Divine Mercy-Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved- T. Roman

Hand of aborted baby-from images at www.priestsforlife.org

Laura's Little People "Jo"
Copyright 2002 - 2008 - All Rights Reserved - L. Roman.- used with permission.

"We must begin with a commitment never to intentionally kill, or collude in the killing, of any innocent human life, no matter how broken, unformed, disabled or desperate that life may seem. In other words, the choice of certain ways of acting is always and radically incompatible with the love of God and the dignity of the human person created in His image. Direct abortion is never a morally tolerable option. It is always a grave act of violence against a woman and her unborn child."  excerpted from -->


Living the Gospel of Life: 
A Challenge to American Catholics

A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of the United States
See: www.nccbuscc.org

Hi! Dad + Mom 
Banner at MCCL March - Photo Copyright 1999-2008 -All Rights Reserved - T. Roman


"It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop."

Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life


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