McCain - Palin are the pro-life candidates for President / Vice President

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A list of pro-life electees is presented here for your information, so you can participate and exercise your civil duties and responsibilities, as an informed citizen.

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Pray for an end to abortion!

All pro-life candidates, irrespective of party, are listed if the information is available.

Your vote counts!

Everyone, each of us - individually, is encouraged to make his/her own voice heard by their representatives and legislative entities.  Voice for the candidate for life!



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     Find your voting place and district

Voter Registration Info - where to call for info.   
Use this list to call your county auditor for information about voter
 registration, voting locations and absentee ballots.

Also, you may visit the following web site to determine your voting location and district.  Click on this address: http://www.sos.state.mn.us
Then select Find Polling Place at that web site.  It is a good source of detailed information. Also select 2008 Voter's Guide [you need Acrobat Reader (free download) to read this guide.

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Below is an alternative method for finding your district and/or precinct.

A1. Visitors to these pages may search for their precinct in which
they live, and where they vote, by visiting the following web address. Visit  http://www.mngop.com,  select "Republic Party web site",  and then select "Precinct Finder".
Enter your zip + 4 zipcode, to view your precinct. 

A2. Optional methods of finding your precinct are allowed such as entering your address.  Record your precinct name or number, for use in the search for voter information on the other pages of this web site.
A3. Then return here to this web site,  http://www.respect-for-life.net
to find the candidates in that precinct, who were observed to be strongly "pro-life" based on published information sources.

A4. Using your  district number from the above procedure and begin your search.  Click on MN Legist.-Senate and House selection to go to the list of candidates in Minnesota districts.  

Alternative sources of information for election information include the following telephone numbers.

1.  Secretary of State, for Minnesota.... (651) 215-1440

2.  House - Minnesota ..... ....................651-296-2146

3.  Senate - Minnesota .... ............. .......651-296-0504      

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