McCain - Palin are the pro-life candidates for President / Vice President

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If any info on this web site is inaccurate, please notify us and we will do our best to revise it.  Thank you!

A list of pro-life electees is presented here for your information, so you can participate and exercise your civil duties and responsibilities, as an informed citizen.

Just the Facts

Pray for an end to abortion!

All pro-life candidates, irrespective of party, are listed if the information is available.

Your vote counts!

Everyone, each of us - individually, is encouraged to make his/her own voice heard by their representatives and legislative entities.  Voice for the candidate for life!



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Poster, Lawn Sign or Window Sign -- Vote for Life!

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for informing voters about pro-life issues and for pro-life purposes only.

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Suggestions for  using the "Vote for Life!" sign.

1.  Print it and put it in your window.

2.  Print it and cut it out and put it in  your car rear window.
2a.  We have some 5 inch circular vinyl stickers; available upon request as long as they are in supply.

3.  Print it and paste it onto cardboard to make your own lawn sign.
3a.  A few lawn signs [circular shaped] are available and can be made available to those who request them and give a deposit which will be returned when the lawn signs are returned.  These lawn signs were made in circular shape and the cost was quite high.
3b. The purchase price is $49.95 per lawn sign plus tax and S/H.  Email us with request if you are interested. 

4.  Print the above image and put it on the bumper of your car.

5.  Request one of our "Who's for life?" bumper stickers. Available as long as supplies last.
A donation of $5.00 [USD] for each bumper sticker is requested to help us support are pro-life mission.  Refer to our 'bumperstickers' page.

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