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A list of pro-life electees is presented here for your information, so you can participate and exercise your civil duties and responsibilities, as an informed citizen.

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Pray for an end to abortion!

All pro-life candidates, irrespective of party, are listed if the information is available.

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Everyone, each of us - individually, is encouraged to make his/her own voice heard by their representatives and legislative entities.  Voice for the candidate for life!



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List of Pro-Life Candidates 2008
Minnesota State Offices
[updated- 10/13/2008 ]


Legend: R means Republican Party, D means Democrat Party, I means Independence Party, IND means Independent, C means Constitution Party, L means Libertarian Party, and V means IVOTEMN.net Party.

If there is no listing of a specific candidate, or you question why someone is listed, refer to FAQ, or send us information about a candidate.  Send to info@respect-for-life.net Thank you.. 

If you do not want your name on this list, please email us at info@respect-for-life.net, and we will remove it.
Updated 10/13/2008. - Check back for future updates. 2008 ======================================

Minnesota Governor
& Lt. Governor
  Candidate web site   Party
Gov. Tim Pawlenty http://www.timplawenty.com   R
Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau These offices do not have re-elections in MN in 2008   R

Minnesota Secretary of State

  Candidate web site   Party
Sec. of State       R

Minnesota State Auditor

  Candidate web site   Party
State Auditor       R

Minnesota Attorney General

  Candidate web site   Party
Attorney General       R

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US Congress

MN Gov.,
Secretary of State,
State Auditor,

MN Legist.
Senate and

MN Judges

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